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Why not call it “Domestic blend”

January 5, 2009

Welcome to Domestic Blend, cheap to make and read and chiefly made up of odds and ends!  I’m not so sure about the solid worth and respectability!

‘I’ve been trying to get out a name for Twentyman’s shilling tea. As far as I can make Hankin out, it has no qualities except cheapness to recommend it, and is chiefly made up of odds and ends of other teas.  The name must suggest solid worth and respectability.’

‘Why not call it “Domestic Blend”? Nothing could sound more reliable and obviously nothing could suggest so much dreary economy.’

Murder must advertise, Dorothy L Sayers, NEL 1978 (1933), pp 36-37.

 It’s interesting how literature can inform your life – a recent advertising campaign for something called Simply Tea nagged at a buried memory – what did it remind me of? I ruminated for a while before the Eureka moment – ‘It’s Domestic Blend’.  Then I re-read the book with great pleasure (and felt less enthusiastic about the tea, although it’s OK for everyday!)


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