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Ideas to make the world a better place #1

June 23, 2011

I was listening to Kim Scott being interviewed on Radio National’s AM programme this morning (he’s just won this year’s Miles Franklin award). I was struck when he emphasized the need for politicians to listen, really listen – not just talk to focus groups (the transcript’s not up yet so I can’t quote exactly).
This reminded me of an idea I’ve had for some time. Why not take away all our politicians’ cars and drivers and replace them with free public transport passes. This would have several advantages the pollies would mix with the people their policies affect, the public transport systems would improve (though here in Perth, WA we’ve got it pretty good), and the pollies’ carbon footprints would be reduced!
OK I can also think of reasons it would be at least partially impractical, but it would be worth a trial – don’t you think?

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