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Visual literacy and censorship

September 19, 2011

Spot the obscenity!

This image from the poster for the play Tender napalm recently caused controversy here in Perth and was banned by the Public Transport Authority:

Tender Napalm poster imageI find this poster for the film Friends with benefits is far more obscene (take a look at their fingers!):

Friends with Benefits poster

but didn’t appear to attract controversy.  I saw it recently at Darling Harbour in Sydney, (can anyone confirm if it was used in Perth?  I assume so as it’s the poster on Sony Pictures Australia’s site.)

Is it just me or is there something out of kilter in the way we define obscenity?  Or are the censorious not visually literate?

(And just in case you are wondering, I wouldn’t call for the banning of either poster)


Catching up on local culture

June 9, 2011

A surprising number of films have been made in WA, and I’m rather ashamed to say I’ve seen very few of them. Some I’ve only seen a few scenes from, whilst channel surfing on late night TV.
Now I’m getting the chance to catch up, with the State Library of WA’s contribution to the City of Perth’s Winter Arts Festival:WA films @ the State Library

It starts tonight with Nickel Queen

and continues with the windsurfing film Windrider (nostalgia! I used to windsurf in the 80s), Under the lighthouse dancing and concludes with Lucky Miles

Lots to look forwards to!

Me (in pink), windsurfing in the 80s!

Fable vs doco

January 21, 2009

Occasionally corny dialogue and outlandish co-incidences emphasise [the film’s] fable qualities.  Audiences expecting documentary-style realism do themselves a disservice.

The Weekend Australian January 17-18 Inquirer p. 17

Hmm, now which film could they be talking about? If you read my earlier post you might just think this is about Australia – but no, it’s Danny Boyle’s fabulous (in every sense of the word) film Slumdog MillionaireEvidently there’s some criticism in India of the negative/stereotypical portrayal of that country in this film.   Ah… prophets are always without honour in their own countries.  (And yes, I do know that Danny Boyle isn’t Indian, but in many ways Slumdog is an Indian film!)

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