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On being a free range librarian (or roving over breakfast)

July 6, 2011

Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. My “show off my new iPad” session at my regular Wednesday morning breakfast at Wild Poppy morphed into a full-on reference session when one of my friends asked “what’s this Troves thing”.


Next thing we were searching on Trove (and the SLWA catalogue). Two reference queries done and links emailed before I’d started work. These will never show up on MPOW’s statistics. …but it does go to show how the ground has already shifted professionally, and how mobile devices are already a part of our services. …and as MPOW is shifting me away from front line services how I’ll still be getting my reference kicks in my private life.

[With apologies to the original “Free Range Librarian”]

[Blogged on the iPad on the train]



Draw for iPad

July 5, 2011

Mucking around with the draw app on the iPad!




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