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Bazaar – a place to find favourite things

December 4, 2010

Bazaar Logo

Brooches from buttons and from broken china,

Food bought for presents and food for the diner,

Brown paper ba-ags (not tied up with string) –

These are a few of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

Calico bags with hand stencilled decals,

Brooches like flowers with bright paper petals,

Drawings and etchings to make your heart sing –

These are a few of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

Silver that shines with a patina of hist’ry

Porcelain and glassware and other things glistery

Necklaces, earrings and all kinds of bling –

These are a few of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

Snowman knitted tea cozy

Snow Cozy by Looseleaf

Knitted tea cozies in shapes all fantastic,

Dresses and blouses and belts from elastic,

Wallets and handbags for stashing your things –

These are a few of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

Sculptural steel the garden is lighting,

Swords made of timber for playing at fighting,

Boxes well crafted, and all types of rings –

These are a few of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

Soap all organic and soap shaped like cupcakes

Is there no end to the clever things they make?

They must have started quite early (say Spring?)

making the stuff of Bazaar’s fav’rite things!

When the list’s long,

An alarm rings,

And you’re feeling sad!

You simply remember Bazaar’s fav’rite things

And then you don’t feel so bad!

(With apologies to Rogers and Hammmerstein)

In case you didn’t guess it – I went to Fremantle Arts Centre annual Bazaar last night for some browsing and Christmas shopping, apologies for anyone I missed out, there was a lot to see!


FACPA2010 – Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2010 Opening night

September 25, 2010
Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2010


Drawing is making marks that have meaning, drawing underpins our material culture,  drawing is for  perception,  drawing is for communication, drawing is for invention, drawing is for thinking…

– tomorrow is the launch of The Big Draw and on Radio National this morning, Fran Kelly interviewed Eileen Adams (Educational Leader of the Campaign for Drawing UK).  Down at the opening of FACPA2010 (the funky new name for the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2010) I had the opportunity to see that what Eileen Adams said about drawing is just as true of printmaking.

It’s hard to get a good impression of a show on opening night – everything is new, there’s a big crowd and you have to peer around people who may be more interested in catching up with friends, there’s drink and food,  DJ Jens and Timothy Nelson and the Infidels were making music. This is just a first attempt to say what grabbed me and maybe I’ll  go back later for a more considered look.

This show is BIG in every way – many huge works, many works addressing big ideas, I like this, sometimes art shows can be a bit too intropective and theory driven but this is work that communicates and makes you think.

In spite of that, the winning work – Rebecca Beardmore’s Seeing between II – is more quiet, a work about perception?

There’s plenty of invention too – I loved Benjamin Forster’s Discourse 2010 with two receipt printers printing parallel dialogues from the works of Karl Marx and Adam Smith, meeting in a pile on the floor (and reminding me of Princess Melisande’s hair – how long before we are pushed out the gallery by an ever increasing pile of philosophy?)  Inventive also is Joel Galier’s Hwy Dreams 1 – a car tyre forms the block, printing:


on the gallery floor…

Susanna Castleden’s Perpetual Cruise Line at first seems to be a constellation chart but the resolves (I think) into a map – is it where the cruise lines go?  I think so…

Ben Rak’s After all it is never you who is unconscious uses dozens of paper bags… pixels in the grid of the bigger picture…

2010 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award

FACPA2010 - opening night on flickr

There’s much much more that you’ll have to go and see for yourself, but I must mention a couple of concurrent exhibitions – previous winner Poppy Van Oord – Grainger’s 2002 winning work Watercolour paintings on the pavement in the upstairs Kathleen O’Connor Gallery is well worth revisiting and James Dodd’s sprawling Boab Inscriptions – across the upstairs gallery and a new gallery in the old Museum section – is a surprisingly effective response to the centuries of graffiti found on Boab trees in the Kimberley….  Don’t miss this work and more of the Print Award finalists in the newly opened galleries…

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