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Back on my bike!

June 12, 2011


I’ve been somwhat handicapped for the past six weeks as I’ve recovered from a badly sprained ankle. Fortunately most of the recovery time fell during the break between Summer and Winter sailing seasons, but its still been frustrating – no kayaking, no cycling, no gardening and limited walking and house-cleaning. So I was glad to be able to get out in the sun this morning and muck out the worm farm, clear out and re-plant my vegie patch (in two old concrete double laundry troughs) and tidy the yard. Lots of home grown carrots!

Later in the afternoon I cleaned up my pushbike and went for a 7.2km trip down the coast. So nice to be out and not in a car. I love the “in touch” feeling you get when you walk or cycle in your neighbourhood and I’ve missed it whilst I was laid up!

How do I know I rode 7.2km? RiderLog app on my trusty iPhone!


Written using the iPhone app!


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