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Take a different path…

June 29, 2011

Sometimes I try to look at my city and my commute with the eyes of a first time visitor. How would I feel about my everyday vistas if I was seeing them for the first time? I’ve changed in the years since I first saw my daily landscapes (and so have they); so perhaps I’d see them differently if they were new to me.
Last year, when things were tough, the routine and familiar were a comfort (and about all I could cope with). This year I’m ready to re-embrace the new.
Taking a slightly different route, doing an old thing in a new way (such as blogging every day in June) and all of a sudden the dull familiar world is fresh and sparkling.
Today I took a different route home, heard a new (to me) islander version of “Wonderful World” in a shop and saw a city street in a (literally) whole new light.
Life isn’t so bad!


[Wonderful world was by “Iz” Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and I bought it from iTunes on the way home!]

[Begun on the train, continued on the bus and finished on the couch on my iPhone!]


Nocturne: Silver and Gold — Roe Street footbridge

June 14, 2011


Come let us remember the joys of the town:
Gay vans and bright buses that roar up and down,
Shop-windows and playgrounds and swings in the park,
And street-lamps that twinkle in rows after dark.

Doris Gill

A dreamy nostalgia engendered by the sight of a wet road at dusk!

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