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What the blogjune challenge can do for your blog stats!

July 3, 2011

Thanks blogjune!



Try something new for 30 days – TED talk

July 2, 2011

Wow, talk about timely! Just as blogjune finishes (and my iPad arrives) here is Matt Cutts talking at TED about the benefits of trying something new for 30 days! You can also read about Matt’s challenges on his blog.

So what is the next challenge for me?

[First post from my iPad!]

[updated about 11 hours later with the TED id so the embedding should now work!]

Short and sweet

June 30, 2011

Not quite my last post, I will write a final one tomorrow – but tonight it’s late, there was lightning coming near so I’ve unplugged the PC and will send you all a soothing picture from the iPhone…

Winthrop Hall at dusk.

Take a different path…

June 29, 2011

Sometimes I try to look at my city and my commute with the eyes of a first time visitor. How would I feel about my everyday vistas if I was seeing them for the first time? I’ve changed in the years since I first saw my daily landscapes (and so have they); so perhaps I’d see them differently if they were new to me.
Last year, when things were tough, the routine and familiar were a comfort (and about all I could cope with). This year I’m ready to re-embrace the new.
Taking a slightly different route, doing an old thing in a new way (such as blogging every day in June) and all of a sudden the dull familiar world is fresh and sparkling.
Today I took a different route home, heard a new (to me) islander version of “Wonderful World” in a shop and saw a city street in a (literally) whole new light.
Life isn’t so bad!


[Wonderful world was by “Iz” Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and I bought it from iTunes on the way home!]

[Begun on the train, continued on the bus and finished on the couch on my iPhone!]

Can we blogjune? Yes we can!

June 28, 2011

I am Fran
Fran I am
Can we blogjune?
Yes we can!

I am blogging in the rain,
I’ve been blogging on the train.

– Not been blogging in the car –
That would be a step too far!

Are you adding films and pics?
Those are really clever tricks.

Have you blogged about your cat?
Some can’t get enough of that.

You can blog about your work
(careful not to look a jerk).

Or you blog using a meme
(not as easy as it seems!).

Luscious blog posts about food
Sure to get us in the mood!

You can blog on crafty habits –
Knitting, scrapbooks, breeding rabbits?*

Do you blog using an App?
With your iPhone in your lap?

Use email to post your blog?
Easy as – fall off a log!

Find all posts through RSS?
You can soon sort out the best!

Bloggers mostly library geeks,
They’ve been blogging weeks and weeks!

Posting every day in June
(but glad it will be over soon)

I am Fran
Fran I am
Can we blogjune?
Yes we can!

With apologies to Dr Seuss, Barak Obama and Bob the Builder!

* I don’t think anyone actually blogged about breeding rabbits but I needed a rhyme!

Via iPhone on the train!


Battening down the hatches!

June 27, 2011

I’ve got a very busy week coming up so my final few blogjune posts may be a little sketchy!
If I go off air altogether it may be because we’ve got a very nasty weather event heading our way:

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

for Damaging Winds with Locally Destructive Gusts, Abnormally High Tides and
Flash Flooding.
For people in parts of WA southwest of a line from Jurien Bay to Albany,
including Jurien Bay, Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River,
Bridgetown and Albany.
Issued at 4:40 pm on Monday 27 June 2011


Winds are expected to become strong and squally in coastal parts from early
Tuesday morning as a cold front approaches. DAMAGING WINDS to 100 kilometres per
hour could result in DAMAGE TO HOMES AND PROPERTY.

Jurien Bay and Cape Leeuwin, particularly in Geographe Bay. DANGEROUS SURF
CONDITIONS may cause beach erosion.

During Tuesday morning the passage of the cold front could result in DANGEROUS
GUSTS in excess of 125 kilometres per hour that could cause SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE
rain may cause FLASH FLOODING.

The worst weather is expected near the Southwest Capes from 2am, extending to
Bunbury by 6am and to Perth mid to late morning. The strongest winds are likely
to be experienced in coastal suburbs and towns. Conditions will ease during the
afternoon as the front moves further to the east and weakens.

This type of weather event occurs about 3 or 4 times a year.

For personal safety FESA State Emergency Service [SES] advises you to:

Trim branches around your home to prevent them falling on your roof or car
Clear gutters and downpipes so they don’t over flow after heavy rain
Store or weigh down loose objects around your home or work like outdoor
furniture that could be picked up and thrown by strong winds, causing damage or
Prepare an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, torch, spare batteries
and first aid kit.
Organise an emergency plan, including a relocation plan for your family and pets
in case your home becomes flooded.

For SES assistance call 132 500. For more safety tips visit

The next warning will be issued by 8:00 pm Monday

This warning is also available through TV and Radio broadcasts; the Bureau’s
website at or call 1300 659 213.”

So I’ll be pulling the plug on the PC and modem and making sure that the iPhone is charged up so I can follow the action on The WA Weather Group forum – or follow them on Twitter @TheWAWG.

Here’s last Friday’s front (45mm in my gauge) for comparison!


iPhone, a digital multitool

June 26, 2011

Screenshot - I am queen of the appsMy friends and family will tell you I’m an iPhone geek (oh no, they say and roll their eyes as I whip the phone out to check something…) however I love my phone, not just for it’s shiny techie-ness but for what it does for me… Since Friday I’ve used it:

  • as an alarm clock
  • as a bus/train timetable to find my way to a seminar on Friday and the Tweetup on Saturday
  • as a street directory/GPS
  • as a music player to listen to my new Badpiper CDs in the car (via a cable and FM adapter) and wirelessly via the Bluetooth adapter for my AV receiver
  • to make notes so I can update my rainfall and sunshine spreadsheets (and to make notes of something I learned at the tweetup and a weekend to-do list)
  • to contribute to the WA Weather Group forum discussion during Friday night’s storm (finally downloaded Tapatalk)
  • to take lots of photos
  • to write Saturday’s blogpost (with some of the photos I’d taken) about the Tweetup
  • to follow my social media – twitter (and add people I’d met at the Tweetup), facebook, feedly and check and send email (mostly on the train but also at home when the computer wasn’t turned on)
  • to search on the net when the computer wasn’t on
  • as a cooking timer when making date loaf
  • for texting to organise going to hear Verbitsy conduct Tchaikovsky
  • as a phone to book the above (I did switch it to silent during the concert)!
These are just my day-to-day uses.  I’ve got many more apps which I’ll write about another time – this list has made me think what a versatile and useful thing it’s become in the 18 months I’ve had it, it’s a digital multi-tool!

Making friends through twitter!

June 25, 2011

You read so many stories about the downsides to social media – bullying, identity theft, obsession, disconnection from the real world …
Today I experienced the upside. A retweet on my twitterfeed announced a tweetup of Perth library types at 2pm today at Koko Black in Claremont. Good chance to meet some of my fellow blogjune participants, and meet some library people from outside my workplace too. Took the train up to Claremont and soon found Koko Black (packed out) – had to take the plunge and guess which table as I’d only met most people through their blogposts!
Great afternoon, discovering names and faces and personalities and talking tech and libraries and dogs and birds. (And eating and drinking chocolate).
Only library geeks would head out afterwards to look at iPads and eReaders in JB HiFi ignoring the boutiques of the western suburbs fashion central!
I’ve added a whole raft of new contacts to my twitterfeed too!
Thanks also to @libsmatter for the lift home!

Posted from my iPhone

The Badpiper is (not) stalking me…

June 24, 2011

My local council is big on practical things.  Over the years I’ve had, free or at minimal cost, a worm farm, a compost bin, a free immobilizer for my old car, and they mow the verge 3-4 times a year.  Over the border, by contrast, my sister’s local council does bread and circuses really well.  Which is why I usually get an invite to a free concert in the park once or twice a year.  These concerts can be a mixed bag – Mental as Anything were brilliant, Shannon Noll was memorable for all the wrong reasons (me having to go to the police station afterwards to give a statement  regarding an incident I witnessed) – but the best concert of all for the old rocker in me was the Hells Bells AC/DC tribute (oops sorry, “we’re not a tribute band we’re a respect band”) concert.  And at that concert I first heard The Badpiper.

Awesome, leather kilted, mohawk wearing, punk rock bagpiping!  Belting out AC/DC on the flamethrowing bagpipes!  (OK, I may have cultural pretensions but I did grow up in a suburb where AC/DC were king… so how can I not love The Badpiper)

Since then I’ve seen Cam McAzi wowing the crowds at the Fremantle Street Arts Festival (follow him on facebook for dates and times of upcoming gigs on the busker’s pitch outside the Freo Markets).

So what could I do when I read this on his facebook page…

EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL SPECIAL!!! Buy any Badpiper album from the website and receive my first album, “Music for the kilted generation” absolutely free, includes postage anywhere in the world. Please help me get to Scotland to rock the festival.

… but take up the offer and buy two CDs.  What I wasn’t expecting was to receive them hand delivered in my letterbox wrapped in a note that said:

The Badpiper is (not) stalking me!

Thanks Badpiper!  I’m enjoying the music!

And for those who were wondering, yes this is the same Badpiper who wowed the judges on last year’s Australia’s Got Talent.

Ideas to make the world a better place #1

June 23, 2011

I was listening to Kim Scott being interviewed on Radio National’s AM programme this morning (he’s just won this year’s Miles Franklin award). I was struck when he emphasized the need for politicians to listen, really listen – not just talk to focus groups (the transcript’s not up yet so I can’t quote exactly).
This reminded me of an idea I’ve had for some time. Why not take away all our politicians’ cars and drivers and replace them with free public transport passes. This would have several advantages the pollies would mix with the people their policies affect, the public transport systems would improve (though here in Perth, WA we’ve got it pretty good), and the pollies’ carbon footprints would be reduced!
OK I can also think of reasons it would be at least partially impractical, but it would be worth a trial – don’t you think?

(Blogged from the train on my iPhone!)


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