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The Badpiper is (not) stalking me…

June 24, 2011

My local council is big on practical things.  Over the years I’ve had, free or at minimal cost, a worm farm, a compost bin, a free immobilizer for my old car, and they mow the verge 3-4 times a year.  Over the border, by contrast, my sister’s local council does bread and circuses really well.  Which is why I usually get an invite to a free concert in the park once or twice a year.  These concerts can be a mixed bag – Mental as Anything were brilliant, Shannon Noll was memorable for all the wrong reasons (me having to go to the police station afterwards to give a statement  regarding an incident I witnessed) – but the best concert of all for the old rocker in me was the Hells Bells AC/DC tribute (oops sorry, “we’re not a tribute band we’re a respect band”) concert.  And at that concert I first heard The Badpiper.

Awesome, leather kilted, mohawk wearing, punk rock bagpiping!  Belting out AC/DC on the flamethrowing bagpipes!  (OK, I may have cultural pretensions but I did grow up in a suburb where AC/DC were king… so how can I not love The Badpiper)

Since then I’ve seen Cam McAzi wowing the crowds at the Fremantle Street Arts Festival (follow him on facebook for dates and times of upcoming gigs on the busker’s pitch outside the Freo Markets).

So what could I do when I read this on his facebook page…

EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL SPECIAL!!! Buy any Badpiper album from the website and receive my first album, “Music for the kilted generation” absolutely free, includes postage anywhere in the world. Please help me get to Scotland to rock the festival.

… but take up the offer and buy two CDs.  What I wasn’t expecting was to receive them hand delivered in my letterbox wrapped in a note that said:

The Badpiper is (not) stalking me!

Thanks Badpiper!  I’m enjoying the music!

And for those who were wondering, yes this is the same Badpiper who wowed the judges on last year’s Australia’s Got Talent.


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