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iPhone, a digital multitool

June 26, 2011

Screenshot - I am queen of the appsMy friends and family will tell you I’m an iPhone geek (oh no, they say and roll their eyes as I whip the phone out to check something…) however I love my phone, not just for it’s shiny techie-ness but for what it does for me… Since Friday I’ve used it:

  • as an alarm clock
  • as a bus/train timetable to find my way to a seminar on Friday and the Tweetup on Saturday
  • as a street directory/GPS
  • as a music player to listen to my new Badpiper CDs in the car (via a cable and FM adapter) and wirelessly via the Bluetooth adapter for my AV receiver
  • to make notes so I can update my rainfall and sunshine spreadsheets (and to make notes of something I learned at the tweetup and a weekend to-do list)
  • to contribute to the WA Weather Group forum discussion during Friday night’s storm (finally downloaded Tapatalk)
  • to take lots of photos
  • to write Saturday’s blogpost (with some of the photos I’d taken) about the Tweetup
  • to follow my social media – twitter (and add people I’d met at the Tweetup), facebook, feedly and check and send email (mostly on the train but also at home when the computer wasn’t turned on)
  • to search on the net when the computer wasn’t on
  • as a cooking timer when making date loaf
  • for texting to organise going to hear Verbitsy conduct Tchaikovsky
  • as a phone to book the above (I did switch it to silent during the concert)!
These are just my day-to-day uses.  I’ve got many more apps which I’ll write about another time – this list has made me think what a versatile and useful thing it’s become in the 18 months I’ve had it, it’s a digital multi-tool!

What blogjune has taught me so far- learning something new almost every day!

June 13, 2011

Thanks to a friend of mine I’m participating in blogjune.  I saw her tweeting about it and on finding out it wasn’t a private party I took a spur of the moment decision to join.  About 80 bloggers, mostly, but not exclusively, Australian and New Zealand librarians have committed to post to their blogs every day in June.  Apologies, but I’ve not managed to read everyone’s every post!  You can find out more and follow the fun on the Libraries Interact blog.

This blog, which I began in 2009, had been a bit moribund recently, so I saw blogjune as an opportunity to revive it (don’t they say it takes 3 weeks to establish a new habit?).

A side effect is that not only have I been writing and reading daily across an array of topics (ranging from the professional to the highly personal – what is it with librarians and cats and knitting?) but also I’ve been learning a whole bunch of new, professionally useful, Web 2.0 skills.

So as I end my 2nd week of daily blogging, I thought I’d make a quick list of things that I’ve learned so far:

  1. how to add a tweet button, counter and twitter feed to my blog (and I’ve revamped some of the other widgets)
  2. that it’s easier to sort picture editing problems out in html editor rather than in the visual editor – even if your html skills are minimal!
  3. that there’s a neat bit of code that enables you to embed flickr videos into your blog, even though flickr doesn’t show in the add video button
  4. That the WordPress  app on the iPhone allows you to blog a photo direct from the phone
  5. That the WordPress app on the iPhone can be used to add hyperlinks and retrospectively add photos (but not videos, unless you pay for an add-on).  This is the basic stuff, I think you could do a lot more if your html editing skills are up to it!
  6. That the publicize feature on WordPress appears to work sporadically when posting from the iPhone app (more investigation required!).
  7. How to follow blogjune using a Netvibes Blogroll
  8. What an OPML file is and how you can use it to import a blogroll into Google Reader (if someone else has done all the prep! thanks @katejf)
  9. Then how to set up a Feedly app in Chrome and on the iPhone to read the blogjune Google reader feed.  I’d been a bit slow taking up feed readers so this promt from blogjune has been great!
If I’ve learned this much in two weeks what more will I know by the end of the month!  Hooray for blogjune!

Back on my bike!

June 12, 2011


I’ve been somwhat handicapped for the past six weeks as I’ve recovered from a badly sprained ankle. Fortunately most of the recovery time fell during the break between Summer and Winter sailing seasons, but its still been frustrating – no kayaking, no cycling, no gardening and limited walking and house-cleaning. So I was glad to be able to get out in the sun this morning and muck out the worm farm, clear out and re-plant my vegie patch (in two old concrete double laundry troughs) and tidy the yard. Lots of home grown carrots!

Later in the afternoon I cleaned up my pushbike and went for a 7.2km trip down the coast. So nice to be out and not in a car. I love the “in touch” feeling you get when you walk or cycle in your neighbourhood and I’ve missed it whilst I was laid up!

How do I know I rode 7.2km? RiderLog app on my trusty iPhone!


Written using the iPhone app!

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