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Meet the Superhumans

August 16, 2012

Last night I saw something that changed me. Gruen Sweat showed an amazing promotional video, made by Britain’s Channel Four, for the upcoming 2012 Paralympic Games.

The video is called

Meet the Superhumans

and you can watch it on YouTube here.

As I’m not I the UK (curse you geoblocking) I can’t embed the video in this blog, sorry. You can find out more about it on Channel Four’s Paralympics website.

After watching this several times I came to the humbling realisation that I had subconsciously thought of the Paralympics as a rather secondary sort of competition and that this attitude is not only patronising but is insulting to the athletes who compete. For this I am extremely sorry.

So thankyou Gruen Sweat and Channel 4 for shaking up my attitudes. I’ll be watching the Paralympics on ABC with a new avidity.



January 12, 2009
Sun Pictures - Broome

Sun Pictures – Broome,
originally uploaded by Figgles1.

Last week I went with some family members to see Baz Luhrman’s epic Australia. The film’s been getting some pretty bad press here, but we thought we’d better go ‘cos we like Baz – Moulin Rouge is the only film I’ve seen three times in a cinema and I went from not being not too sure about it to loving it.  Aside from the usual tall poppy syndrome, it appears that Australia has failed to please those who want a quick hit – it’s a film you need to savour on its own terms.  My brother-in-law (who’s not famous for cultural analysis) came out of the cinema saying “do you think you’d see more things in it if you saw it again?”

Perhaps it’s worth looking at Baz Luhrmann as a quintessentially post-modern director:

postmodernists suggest that truth is no longer verifiable, and that new art forms are best created by freely mixing previous styles and themes.

If you look at Australia through this lens then it all makes sense – the use of pastiche (e.g. sweeping patriotic WWII pictures that I used to watch as a child as midday matinees on TV on summer days when it was too hot to go outside);  Jedda (the drover’s dog) – check the plot to the 1955 film Jedda and you’ll find a young Aboriginal child torn between cultures… ; the motif of Oz (Aus=Oz in Australian slang, there’s a thesis worth of history on this one!) the variations on Waltzing Matilda and other songs on the soundtrack on it goes…

Lots more quotes and references – I need to see the film again!  Should this be what a movie is about, a sort of giant puzzle?  Yes there is a lot to puzzle out but I think the film is bigger than that and should be seen and enjoyed and thought about.

Some other thoughts…

The other enjoyment is the scenery – filmed in the Kimberley and Bowen (Qld) between us we’d been to most locations.  You can’t visit the top end without bringing a part of the country back in your soul and anyone who has been there can’t fail to be moved by the grandeur recreated on screen (even if the King George River gorge was moved next door to the Bungle Bungles!)

Not historically accurate? Well, you may as well criticize Moulin Rouge for not accurately depicting the conditions of courtesans in Paris, we’re dealing with Baz, not Ken Loach!

Nicole Kidman?  I’d love to see her forehead move, these words kept coming to mind…

Faultily faultless, icily regular, splendidly null, Dead perfection; no more. — Tennyson.

(And this post isn’t the place to discuss how I know most of my Shakespeare and Tennyson from reading Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers!)

And finallly…

How about this juxtaposition of pre film ads (play them together for best effect)!

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