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Live streaming the 2012 Olympics

August 6, 2012

Well, I learned something today.  Frustrated by Channel 9 showing the same jingoistic feed on two channels and not wishing to take out a full Foxtel subscriptions (come on Foxtel, why not have an Olympics subscription package for the iPad app only) I whinged to some sailing friends on Facebook who are overseas and enjoying multi channel online coverage.  In the ensuing discussion I found out about (you no telly? – get it!). One of several services that enable you to escape the tyranny of geo-restrictions (oft times for a modest fee) Unotelly are offering;

Olympic 2012 Promotion: Free UnoDNS access to BBC iPlayer to streaming all Olympic live events

Whoo hoo it works, I managed to watch heat six of the womens 470 dinghy sailing – a sport that doesn’t exist in the minds of the local free to air broadcasters…

Other services that people suggest include and

I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the video on my TV, letterboxed AND pillarboxed, so I did a bit more research and discovered that if hooking the iPad to the TV with the HDMI connector doesn’t give a satisfactory result, then try the VGA connector – and it works like a charm.  The reasons are a little too technical for me but thanks to the various forums that suggested this solution.

So, now a week of late nights beckons…


Adventure is calling!

June 11, 2011

I should’ve paid attention to my horoscope this morning (I must mention here that I most definitely don’t believe in astrology, but do occasionally read my horoscope for amusement). It read:

Saturday is the day for lovely Librans to shine. All sorts of social and outdoor activities are favoured, as you flex you mind and muscles in exciting new ways. Adventure is calling.

So I shouldn’t’ve been surprised when the first race of the winter series at Fremantle Sailing club was a little more exciting than planned! We could’ve done worse – two sportsboats were dismasted, we only damaged a spinnaker (and our pride), and had to flex our minds and muscles in exciting new ways to solve our problems, before retiring to drink coffee and eat cake on the long motor back to the club! Adventure called indeed!

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