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Making friends through twitter!

June 25, 2011

You read so many stories about the downsides to social media – bullying, identity theft, obsession, disconnection from the real world …
Today I experienced the upside. A retweet on my twitterfeed announced a tweetup of Perth library types at 2pm today at Koko Black in Claremont. Good chance to meet some of my fellow blogjune participants, and meet some library people from outside my workplace too. Took the train up to Claremont and soon found Koko Black (packed out) – had to take the plunge and guess which table as I’d only met most people through their blogposts!
Great afternoon, discovering names and faces and personalities and talking tech and libraries and dogs and birds. (And eating and drinking chocolate).
Only library geeks would head out afterwards to look at iPads and eReaders in JB HiFi ignoring the boutiques of the western suburbs fashion central!
I’ve added a whole raft of new contacts to my twitterfeed too!
Thanks also to @libsmatter for the lift home!

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Winter Solstice Breakfast at Wild Poppy

June 22, 2011


Snow eggs a la Figgles

July 30, 2010
Snow eggs a la Figgles

Snow eggs a la Figgles

Did you join the millions watching the 2010 MasterChef finale?  My sister and I did and we were texting commentary as we watched .

I jokingly suggested I’d make the devilishly difficult Snow Eggs for her (I have a regular gig at her place as Thursday night dessert lady) and she texted back “get on with it” .  Who could resist such a challenge?

I had a look at Matt Moran’s recipe and it was a bit out of my league – impractical given my time, ingredient, equipment and skills limitations so I did a bit of thinking and Googling and came up with Snow eggs a la Figgles ! It went down a treat, and when I posted the picture on Facebook people started asking for the recipe – so, here it is!  It’s really an assemblage from a variety of recipes so feel free to adapt from what you have!

Snow eggs a la Figgles

  • make brandy snap baskets (I used this recipe but feel free to find your own or buy them, they are quite fiddly, you may have some collapses before learning how long to leave them before draping over a tumbler, I used the failures to make little decorative florets)
  • make lemon curd (also known as lemon butter or lemon cheese – I used the recipe from the Golden Wattle Cookery Book 14th edition but again you could find another recipe – the one from David Herbert’s Complete perfect recipes is also excellent!)
  • You can make the curd and baskets a day or two before they are needed.
  • On the day make the snow eggs (poached meringues – I used this recipe for the mixture but failed dismally at poaching them in milk and resorted to using an egg poaching pan on the top of the stove – you could use Matt Moran’s recipe for this bit if you want!)
  • Then make the custard (my home made lemon infused custard separated so I bought some pouring custard from the shop on the way to my sister’s place!)
  • Assemble just before serving – basket, custard, snow egg, dollop of lemon curd, brandy snap floret…
  • Eat and enjoy!
Make me a snow egg...

Make me a snow egg...

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