Live streaming the 2012 Olympics

Well, I learned something today.  Frustrated by Channel 9 showing the same jingoistic feed on two channels and not wishing to take out a full Foxtel subscriptions (come on Foxtel, why not have an Olympics subscription package for the iPad app only) I whinged to some sailing friends on Facebook who are overseas and enjoying multi channel online coverage.  In the ensuing discussion I found out about (you no telly? – get it!). One of several services that enable you to escape the tyranny of geo-restrictions (oft times for a modest fee) Unotelly are offering;

Olympic 2012 Promotion: Free UnoDNS access to BBC iPlayer to streaming all Olympic live events

Whoo hoo it works, I managed to watch heat six of the womens 470 dinghy sailing – a sport that doesn’t exist in the minds of the local free to air broadcasters…

Other services that people suggest include and

I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the video on my TV, letterboxed AND pillarboxed, so I did a bit more research and discovered that if hooking the iPad to the TV with the HDMI connector doesn’t give a satisfactory result, then try the VGA connector – and it works like a charm.  The reasons are a little too technical for me but thanks to the various forums that suggested this solution.

So, now a week of late nights beckons…


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