Can we blogjune? Yes we can!

I am Fran
Fran I am
Can we blogjune?
Yes we can!

I am blogging in the rain,
I’ve been blogging on the train.

– Not been blogging in the car –
That would be a step too far!

Are you adding films and pics?
Those are really clever tricks.

Have you blogged about your cat?
Some can’t get enough of that.

You can blog about your work
(careful not to look a jerk).

Or you blog using a meme
(not as easy as it seems!).

Luscious blog posts about food
Sure to get us in the mood!

You can blog on crafty habits –
Knitting, scrapbooks, breeding rabbits?*

Do you blog using an App?
With your iPhone in your lap?

Use email to post your blog?
Easy as – fall off a log!

Find all posts through RSS?
You can soon sort out the best!

Bloggers mostly library geeks,
They’ve been blogging weeks and weeks!

Posting every day in June
(but glad it will be over soon)

I am Fran
Fran I am
Can we blogjune?
Yes we can!

With apologies to Dr Seuss, Barak Obama and Bob the Builder!

* I don’t think anyone actually blogged about breeding rabbits but I needed a rhyme!

Via iPhone on the train!



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