Making friends through twitter!

You read so many stories about the downsides to social media – bullying, identity theft, obsession, disconnection from the real world …
Today I experienced the upside. A retweet on my twitterfeed announced a tweetup of Perth library types at 2pm today at Koko Black in Claremont. Good chance to meet some of my fellow blogjune participants, and meet some library people from outside my workplace too. Took the train up to Claremont and soon found Koko Black (packed out) – had to take the plunge and guess which table as I’d only met most people through their blogposts!
Great afternoon, discovering names and faces and personalities and talking tech and libraries and dogs and birds. (And eating and drinking chocolate).
Only library geeks would head out afterwards to look at iPads and eReaders in JB HiFi ignoring the boutiques of the western suburbs fashion central!
I’ve added a whole raft of new contacts to my twitterfeed too!
Thanks also to @libsmatter for the lift home!

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6 Responses to “Making friends through twitter!”

  1. Kelly Hall Says:

    I wasn’t able to attend – who else went?

  2. Hoi Says:

    nice meeting you!! And you are quick re #blogjune!!!!

  3. figgles1 Says:

    Tweeted you the picture!

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  5. flexnib Says:

    I tend to ignore stories in the media about the evils/downsides of social media. In my experience they are usually focussing on unusual events or worst case scenarios. The benefits – for learning, and connecting with others are far greater (and the media tends not to focus on them)!

    Nice meeting you also – glad you found the table!

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