Catching up on local culture

A surprising number of films have been made in WA, and I’m rather ashamed to say I’ve seen very few of them. Some I’ve only seen a few scenes from, whilst channel surfing on late night TV.
Now I’m getting the chance to catch up, with the State Library of WA’s contribution to the City of Perth’s Winter Arts Festival:WA films @ the State Library

It starts tonight with Nickel Queen

and continues with the windsurfing film Windrider (nostalgia! I used to windsurf in the 80s), Under the lighthouse dancing and concludes with Lucky Miles

Lots to look forwards to!

Me (in pink), windsurfing in the 80s!


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2 Responses to “Catching up on local culture”

  1. figgles1 Says:

    I wrote this one from the train too! I’ve now figured out hyperlinks… now working out how to hyperlink a picture (I think I’ll need to edit in html for that!)

  2. What blogjune has taught me so far- learning something new almost every day! « Domestic Blend Says:

    […] the WordPress app on the iPhone can be used to add hyperlinks and retrospectively add photos (but not videos, unless you pay for an add-on).  This is the basic stuff, I think you could do a […]

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